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The SaeboFlex® allows individuals suffering from neurological impairments such as stroke or head injury the ability to incorporate their hand functionally in therapy and at home by supporting the weakened wrist, hand, and fingers. It can allow you to use your hand by helping you to ‘release’ objects.

Treatment principles for this technology are based on the latest advances in research on the brain’s ability to‘re-programme’ itself following mass practice, task orientated arm training.



The SaeboReach not only incorporates the affected wrist and hand but also the elbow. The orthosis consists of the SaeboFlex® and an above-elbow component. The SaeboReach is ideal for neurologically impaired individuals that have hand and elbow involvement. At Complete Neuro Physio our trained Saebo clinician will assess you to determine if you require either SaeboFlex® or SaeboReach.



The SaeboStretch® uses a revolutionary stretch technology, which allows the fingers to move through flexion caused by associated reactions and tone. In addition, it utilizes a low-load, long-duration stretch to return the fingers to the desired position.

The SaeboStretch® is different from the common hard plastic traditional splints using a much softer material to help overcome issues such as deformity, joint damage, stiffness, hypermobility, and contractures.

Please see our SaeboStretch fitting guide for more information.

Saebo Treatment Pathway

*1:1 therapy involves you working with a trained therapist at intervals to suit your needs and achieve your goals. The therapist will provide you with a specific therapy programme tailored to help improve your arm and hand function using the SaeboFlex®.

*Group Sessions are led by a trained Saebo therapist and assistants – they provide an opportunity to meet other people using the SaeboFlex®. They are motivating sessions that can help you keep on track with your treatment.

Patient Testimonial:

“I had my Stroke in May 1999 I was 42years old, I was in Hospital for 14 months and the Doctors said they did not think I would make it. When I went home I could not sit up by myself. I had to have special care every 4 hours to be suctioned and I had very little movement in my right hand and arm, meaning that I had to have a carer come into my house to help me around the house. I first saw Linsey in 2005 when she fitted me with a SaeboFlex and provided my Physiotherapy treatment in my home. I am sure that the SaeboFlex has strengthened my hand and arm allowing me to move them much better, without it I would not be able to use this arm today. I can bend all my fingers, open and shut my hand and move my arm up and down. I can now do things around the house, do my favourite sport which is fishing and most importantly hold my new granddaughter safely.”
– Glen Hayes

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