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Moto Med


MOTOmed is an innovative system that allows patients to move their lower limbs in a way that they may not have been able to do for some time.

It does not matter if you do passive, motor-assisted, or active resistive training by using your own muscles. The MOTOmed movement trainer is especially suitable for people with limited mobility and those who are wheelchair users.

Gentle, safe and motorized training.viva_2_lowerbody

The MOTOmed movement trainer moves your legs or arms gently. You can select either passive, motor-assisted or active resistive training, with your own muscle strength. The movements are smoothly controlled, similar to bicycling. you can train from the comfort of a chair, from your wheelchair or even in a supine position from the bed.

The MOTOmed enables regular movement training for persons with physical limitations. Passive, motor-assisted or active resistive training – the MOTOmed training loosens and strengthens the muscles, stimulates the metabolism and the circulation, and improves endurance and the function of the cardio vascular functions.

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