CN Physio


“I had my Stroke in May 1999 I was 42years old, I was in Hospital for 14 months and the Doctors said they did not think I would make it. When I went home I could not sit up by myself. I had to have special care every 4 hours to be suctioned and I had very little movement in my right hand and arm, meaning that I had to have a carer come into my house to help me around the house. I first saw Linsey in 2005 when she fitted me with a SaeboFlex and provided my Physiotherapy treatment in my home. I am sure that the SaeboFlex has strengthened my hand and arm allowing me to move them much better, without it I would not be able to use this arm today. I can bend all my fingers, open and shut my hand and move my arm up and down. I can now do things around the house, do my favourite sport which is fishing and most importantly hold my new granddaughter safely.”

— Glen Hayes


“I would like to thank you so much for the treatment and care I received from you.When I first visited you I was in a lot of pain with my very swollen hand and had been diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome following a broken wrist of which I was still recovering.  I was impressed that you researched my condition and gave me a programme to work on at home.

After my initial assessment with you I had acupuncture to help with the stiffness of my hand and fingers. I have to say I was sceptical however i was willing to try anything at that time.  I’m happy to say the treatment I had with you was definitely the turning point in helping with my recovery.  In just four months I am now able to function and am out of pain considering doctors told me it would take up to 3 years to get to where I am now its pretty amazing.”

– Jane Lloyd